Apply for Funding

Prior to making an application for funding, it is important to check that the project being developed aligns with the Institutes current priorities which change from time to time 

(click here to see current priorities).

Applications will normally be reviewed by the Institute’s Research and Education Sub-Committee before selected proposals are considered by the Trustees, usually in October. Therefore proposals should be received no later than 31st July.

The Institute does not use an on-line application system nor does it use a pro-forma application form. Proposals can be written in the applicants own words and style but should contain, at a minimum, the following information:

  • Project Title
  • Name of organisation or individual making the application
  • The component of the Institute’s current mission addressed by the project
  • Overview of the project
  • Details about the individual or team making the application, including any other collaborators, setting out qualifications and expertise that will ensure a successful outcome
  • Detailed project plan that sets out:
    • objectives
    • stakeholders and any proposed consultation
    • timeframe (start and finish dates)
    • methodology
    • expected economic (including market opportunities), environmental and social benefits
    • how the outcomes will be delivered, including proposed technology transfer and commercialisation (if applicable)
    • details of any risks to achieving the project outcomes
    • full project budget details, including the direct and indirect costs for each year of the project and the amount of funding sought from the Institute
    • details regarding intellectual property (IP) – outline any IP the organization or individual/s will be bringing to the project as well as any IP the project is expected to generate. Include estimates of the value of the IP if possible. It should be noted that the Institute’s policy regarding IP is that any IP generated by a funded project will be shared proportionate to the direct funding provided by the Institute and the direct funding provided by the party carrying out the project

Applications should be addressed to:

The Secretary
McCaughey Memorial Institute
39 Wood Rd

and emailed to . Enquiries can be made to the Secretary, Mike Hedditch, at the same email address or by phone to 0428 696 375.

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